A second set of eyes to give your client a better work product. Experience and understanding of what a court reporter needs in a proofreader.


I have been proofreading transcripts for over 12 years making the life of court reporters much easier. I know what court reporters want and need in a proofreader and I can hit the ground running as soon as you send me your work.

My skills:

  • An exceptional eye for detail
  • Dependability
  • Understanding and knowledge of legal, medical and technical terms as well as format, style and transcript requirements
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Superior spelling and research skills
  • Reliability
  • Flexibility


“Claire has always been reliable and solid in her proofreading skills. If she says she will get it back to you by a certain time, you can rely on her word. She has never let me down!”

Rosemary Locklear
Court Reporter, Golkow Technologies

“Claire is very reliable, efficient, and has a quick turnaround.”

Maureen Broderick
Court Reporter, Summit Court Reporting

“Claire is thorough, reliable, dependable, and delivers as promised – actually she gets the job back even sooner than the deadline. She has helped me get through some really busy times.”

Tina Masi
Official Court Reporter, City of Philadelphia


I am Claire Gawinowicz and I know exactly what court reporters need: someone they can trust; a reliable proofer who knows that court reporters are always under a time crunch; someone who is flexible and professional with excellent spelling skills and attention to detail. I have a B.A. in English, I enjoy doing research and revel in the thrill of finding punctuation, spelling and grammatical errors (it doesn't take much to make me happy). I have worked with many different court reporters over the years and I understand that different court reporters have different styles and I respect that. I have worked on different software although right now I am an expert in DigitalCAT.

Prior to becoming a freelance proofreader, I worked for 15 years in one of the biggest law firms in Philadelphia. I am a published writer and am now dabbling in writing humorous stuff (the world needs more humor). I like to cook and bake for my family, volunteer at the Center for Parenting Education and if I have a good book to read I can get lost in it for hours. If anyone has any good books to recommend please do so!


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